When He Was Tall

4:01 PM Marcellino DAmbrosio 3 Comments

The Ferris Wheel creaks and turns,
It’s all chipped red paint and kissing.
The sent of animal dung and barbeque smoke
Hangs low and heavy in the clang and the din.
I sit on a polished wooden fence and watch
The girls with big hair and pink shirts.

Their flushed cheeks match their tops,
They’ve been leading their ponies
In circles all day,
Carrying the most delighted little children
that ever did ride on the backs of these blessed beasts.

One boy in particular catches my eye.

A little boy with a Mohawk
Sits atop his mighty steed,
But his feet don’t quite reach the stirrups.
They dangle at the saddle
And they flop about that cured leather,
But know this,
He has never been taller.
He points forward and with great resolution,
As only little mohawked boys can have,
Commands the girl in the pink shirt
With a squeal and a giggle at once:
The little general to be gleefully screams!
He bounces an uneven and syncopated rhythm
And he holds onto the horn for dear life,
For the pink shirt girl begins to run.

He will grow up
And study biology.
He’ll learn about photosynthesis
And labor over lab reports.
He’ll memorize all the charts
Ag, Fe, Au
He’ll get a job as a doctor eventually,
And marry some woman
Who he’ll never see

And have a boy
Who he’ll never know

And a girl
Who he can’t quite love

And a good dog
 And a big house
   And a white fence

He will forget that day
When he was tall.

He will cut off his Mohawk.

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  1. You get the point across for sure. And the point is good. But I don't think your imagery is consistent. The mohawked boy and the girl in the pink shirt don't really merge well with 1800's style horse warfare. I think the mixture of times really throws it off and keeps it from being more powerful.

  2. I edited it for you Monty, so there you go.

  3. I think the edits are awesome-- it helps a great deal to have the physical setting. But now there is a tone discrepancy. We need the omniscient,rhetorical, almost sarcastic, almost pompus tone in the first half that is there in the second.