Legalize Gay Marriage (and Everything Else)

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Legalize Gay Marriage (and Everything Else)

I've thought a lot about this issue. As a Catholic that loves the truth and the whole of truth of Church moral teaching, I really want to call this out for what it is. The Church's sexual teaching is moral teaching. It is NOT political teaching. That means that the awesomeness of Catholic sexual teaching is for us to live out on an individual basis. I could write a whole post on this subject, but I've got other things I'd rather say. I will say this though, for you fellow Catholics reading this post, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Agustin both thought there were grounds for legal prostitution. 

Their argument went like this: Human government should be like Divine government. God is good, but he allows evil that he could prevent. He does this because he knows that if he did prevent these evils, greater goods would be forfeited or greater evils would ensue.1 I'll let you guys work out weather or not this principle applies to gay marriage. I have another angle I'd like to approach this from.

Lets start this way: What is the difference between two random kids putting “married” up as their facebook status as a joke, and two guys going into The Church of Divine Tolerance and Diversity and coming out calling themselves married? What is the difference, really? You can believe that they are married, or you can not believe that they are married. Who is to say they aren't? If you are a traditional marriage supporter, you're answer: The state. 

So pretty much this guy
How States work: States make laws, then they enforce those laws with guns. 
Seriously. At the end of every law, there is a gun.

So what you are looking for the state to do, then, is to make it illegal for people to call themselves married. Then they will enforce those laws with coercive force (ie guns). Since the state is usually a very cumbersom entity, it's not unreasonable to assume that the state will have a very difficult time telling the sacramental difference between a man and a woman who've properly gone through pre cana and done all their marriage counseling and a man and woman who just file their taxes jointly for the tax credits. We'll expect to have lots of arrests. 

So ask yourself, do you really want some sort of police force running around and arresting your next door neighbors for calling themselves married, or throwing kids behind bars for a joke on their facebook relationship? Do you really want a special marriage police task force that has access to all your emails and sifts through them for words like “fabulous, and super cute?” No. No one wants that. Traditional marriage supporters,what is it, practically, that you want, then? Because everything I've heard on the topic has gone like this: “marriage and the family needs to be protected and supported by the state.” Can I ask why you think that? Because quite frankly, I think marriage needs protection FROM the state just like EVERYTHING ELSE DOES. 

And also from Nickleback
So what sort of rights do you get when you get married? 
You get TAX CREDITS! Oh the joy of tax credits. You also get the right to be INSURED TOGETHER! What absolute BLISS! From what I've gathered from talking with people, no one really cares THAT much about these things being given to gay people what with civil unions and all. Its the WORD “marriage” that we care so much about. 

So lets just remember. The state enforces all its laws with guns. So when we say something like, we want weed to be illegal, we are saying that we want you dead if you disobey this command. This may seem a little extreme, but this is in effect what we are saying when we say that we want something to be illegal. It starts with fines, you might get a ticket, and that's not that extreme right? Well if you don't pay it, then they will try to take you to prison. If you refuse to go to prison, then you will be shot. Shooting is always down towards the end of that government force line somewhere. 

And also getting attacked by a police Belgain Malinois is somewhere in between. (18 seconds)

"We don't want anyone to get shot here, we just want to protect our kids from the gay agenda," you say, " we don't want our kids being forced to learn about sex and gender issues in kindergarten and stuff. We want to keep our adoption agencies open, our churches open, and we don't want to get sued for hate crimes when not wearing pink on gay pride day." I understand, this sentiment. I too am worried about that, but
 let me ask you this: who is it that's going to come into our communities and say, “your kids will learn that its normal to have two daddies”? Who is it that's going to march into our charities and tell us “If you don't give babies to whoever we tell you to, we're going to close you down”? Who is it that is going pass a mandate to our churches saying, “you will perform marriages for whoever we tell you”? Is it gay people? Or is it the state? 

The problem, my friends is the state. It is a state that has the ability to say “I don't care what you believe, you will do what I tell you or else you will be subject to fines, imprisonment, and death if you resist.” In this country, the government is involved in every single facet of our lives. It reads our emails, it listens to our phone calls, it raises our children, it tells us what food to eat, what substances to put in our body, and who we can and can't call our spouse. Remove the state from the equation, and we no longer need to be on the defensive here.

Let's all try and agree on something. Gay rights activists and traditional marriage supporters. Lets start from the ground up. Individuals have rights. Not groups. There is no such thing as woman’s rights, black rights, or gay rights.  Governments don't have rights, businesses don't have rights. Individuals have rights because we are created and endowed with these equal rights by our creator. Right? Moreover, we ether all have the same rights, or rights don't exist. We have a word for when some people have special privileged “rights” because they are part of some special group. That word is “inequality.” So, for example, when married people get special government privileges that non married people don't have, we can safely say that that is called inequality. 


One of the most core rights that we have as individuals is to enter into economic contract with other individuals. So if two people decide that they want to pool together their resources, get insurance together, and file taxes jointly, what business is that of yours? The answer is none. It is not your business. And if they chose to write the word “marriage,” at the top of that contract, though you disagree, what harm is there in that for you?  

But marriage needs to be supported, you say, we have hard enough time as it is, we NEED  those tax breaks. Well then, the enemy is the government that keeps stealing so much of our money that we need special tax breaks just to survive, not the gay couple living in a house by the street. The government is the problem here, not the answer. They are not the answer to this marriage issue for any of us. Get the government out of education, out of insurance, out of morality, and we no longer have to worry about being fined, imprisoned, or killed for living life the way we believe is best.

For those of you gay marriage activists reading this blog post, if you agree with me that its a bad thing for the state to walk around with guns telling gay people to shut the hell up about wanting to get married, then lets agree on something else. Double standards suck. If Catholics shouldn't use the government to tell you what to do, then don't use the government to tell us what to do. If we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, then don't come into our churches with guns and tell us that we have to perform gay marriages. Don't use the government to force adoption agencies to give you kids. Go find an adoption agency that will give you kids. They exist. Don't try and get the guy next to you at work fired (by threatening a lawsuit) because he doesn't think he should have to wear a rainbow flag pin on gay pride day. Don't use the government to force parents out of educating their children. If YOU get to live the way you believe is right, then let other people do the same. 

Let me tie this back up. God is the good the true and the beautiful. He hates sin because it is bad for us and makes our lives suck. But he never, ever forces people to be good. He never forces people to follow him or to accept him. Sometimes I hear people tell me that Jesus was a socialist because he told his followers to give their possessions to the poor. He wasn't a socialist. He wasn't a socialist because he didn't hold a gun up to anyone's head to force them to obey. Jesus was not a huge fan of aggressive force. As a matter of fact, he told Peter not even to use defensive force when men came to arrest him. He told Peter “those that live by the sword die by the sword.”  (Matthew 26:52)

So lets put the sword of government down, for truly I say unto you, we will all die by it if we don't. 

Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority, rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain greater evils be incurred: thus Augustine says (De Ordine ii, 4): "If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust."

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