Stop the Gang Violence!

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“Somebody said ‘why don’t we get a third party?’ and another one said, I think correctly so, ‘Why don’t we get a second party?’” - Ron Paul

Why THIS CRAP is not helpful:


But I will.

We stereotype each other to death in this country, and it's retarded. But that's not the point that I'm trying to make. I have a more ground shattering thought to share. So here goes. We hate each other kind of like the Capulet's and the Montague's. We hate each other like Wearwolves and Vampires. We hate each other kind of like the Bloods and the Crips. At the end of the day, we hate each other just..... because. Because we're supposed to. Because we always have. Because our supreme loyalty is not to ideological ideals, but to a PARTY.

I remember in 2003 when George Bush started to beat the war drums and we invaded Iraq, I knew that the war must be just. It had to be. It had to be the right move for America because George Bush was a republican, and damnit, the democrats, who opposed it, were my sworn enemies. They were just a bunch of pacifist ninnies.

I supported the war because my party supported the war. I read all of the things that my party told me to read, and I believed them because WE were the good guys, and the democrats were the bad guys. I had a bad feeling about it, a sort of sinking feeling in my gut that there was something fishy going on, but thank the state, my loyalty to my gang came before rational thought. I carried on supporting George W. and everything he did.

SO, my friends, how many of you start all of your political reasoning with that same sort of “which gang am I in?” mentality? My friend JP's recent FB poll (trust me it was totally scientific) discovered that 95% of Americans actually share the common core political guiding philosophy of "if My Side does it, it's okay. If the Other Side does it, it's bad."I read so many articles about the government shutdown that said things like “did the tea party win?” or “we won!” Who the hell is we? Lets just take a second and think about this, k?
What do democrat politicians and republican politicians actually disagree on in Washington? Social issues? Maybe, but most of the time they change their views depending on whats popular. Economic issues? Not really different, they all kind of like government intervention and fiat money. How about foreign policy? They both love war as long as their president was the one to start it. Big Business and Corporate interests? The BEST. Crony Capitalism? Check. The surveillance state? Check.
Lets just take Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, a couple of the golden boys of the two parties and compare them.

A few of their campaign contributors:

Now if you hadn't drawn all the necessary conclusions, here's another comparison chart:

It kind of looks like both dudes got a lot of money from the same places (big banks). But surely that doesn't mean they are going to agree on everything except funding PBS, right?

How about Obama and Romney on personal freedom? They probably disagree..... or not. Before signing the National Defense Authorization Act, Obama requested a provision be added that the president be given the authority to detain American citizens on American soil without a trial. How does Romney feel about that?

Guess who started the ball rolling on this whole government spying shindig? Everyone's favorite pseudo dictator, George W. Bush. If you are a republican, you profess to think that big government is bad, that Obama is a tyrant, and that pretty soon we're going to be living in a tyranny run by socialists. It's too bad all of the people you elect are kind of cool with tyranny as long as they are the ones holding the reigns. If you are a Democrat, on the other hand, you profess to hate American imperialism and want our freedom of privacy protected. Why is it, then, that all the people you vote into office don't share your conviction? The house, the senate, the party leadership, the president... all of them supported the NDAA and the Patriot act.

Not only do both parties (in practice) support government tyranny at home, they both support imperialism and intervention abroad. Earlier this year when Obama was set on going to war with Syria, it was a bipartisan house that supported him. McCain, Lindsey, and Bohner teamed up with Pelosi and were all ready to play the “its not really war” game with Assad in Syria. Here's a great quote from Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican on this exact topic: “People are astonished that President Obama is doing many of the things that President Bush did, I’m not astonished. I congratulate him for having the good judgment to understand we’re at war.”

pictured above: "them"
Both parties also supported the bank bailouts of 2008. Yeah! Remember the Wall Street bailouts that started under George Bush? That was all bipartisan supported. Both parties voted to tax us and then pay for Wall Street's mistakes with our taxes. That whole “democrats stand up for the little man,” and “republicans are against government intervention in the economy,” is total poppycock. We are not living in a democracy any more. In a democracy you have choices. You have OPTIONS. In America, we have one option, and that option is the 1%.

As Ron Paul said in his farewell address to congress, "One side doesn't give up one penny on military spending, the other side doesn't give up one penny on welfare spending. Both sides support the bailouts and the subsidies for the banking and corporate elite, and the spending continues as the economy weakens and we spiral down further and further." Those are the facts of the situation. Stop blaming the tea party, stop blaming the bleeding heart liberals. If you were a democrat before, stop calling the tea party "them." If you were a republican before, stop calling people like Mitt Romney and Senator Lindsey "Us."  And the next time you think about posting that meme that shows how all democrats are potsmoking bums or how everyone in the tea party belongs to the klan, do us all a favor and don't.

We, the normal people, all hate to see special interests use the government as leverage to destroy their competition. As it turns out, the tea party and Occupy Wall Street movements were born from the same parents, Wall Street and Washington.

Yeah. Turns out we were on the same side all along. So lets stop fighting each other and start fighting the establishment. THEY are the "them." Not the dude with the coexist bumper sticker or the "don't tread on me" flag. THEY are.

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