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    This is the conclusion of my senior seminar paper. Yes. I did really turn this in to Dr. Raiger:

        The Lacanian, or the Freudian deconstructionist, undermines consciousness on two accounts, on the level of the subconcious and that of language. Freud’s “death drive” seems to be the only possible end of such an undermining. For the Deconstructionist, consciousness is “diseased,” for the Freudian it is a “censor,” and for the Lacanian, it is both. For all three, consciousness is merely a construct, and thus escape ought to be the only good. In any case, unsleeping living must descend into madness for anyone who truly holds these theories. These men merely play with madness. If consciousness is as arbitrary as Derrida posits, he aught to speak only gibberish, act without any pattern whatsoever, and exist in multiple places at once. The amble is bantering to the hymn past pas ba la Ashgaro pedanta xar humit 9er pass ababla  Aog[0we9rhg0a      v9oicsoib xn;lz a0-0suf-21 fg0p     aoio a           aivnlvzxb aslknzzzzzzzz alwie ---------9)_________

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa yessssssssssss!!! Marcellino, this is ridiculous.