5:24 PM Marcellino DAmbrosio 2 Comments

I am an old curmudgeon.
So many I have known have passed
Into another life, for better or worse,
Who can really say?
To labor or to search,
I too, soon will follow.       

But as I sit alone, and sink
Deep into my old and stainy couch
I think, of all the bumpy little lumps
And memories that make it mine,
And yet I cannot take it with me.
My couch is too big, too full to fit.

They will squabble over it,
My children, and brothers.
Oh! To whom will it go?
Oh! Oh! Oh!
But my rug will be burned,
Of course, and my room emptied out
A garage sale will be held, no doubt.

And I know my passing will be mourned by all
With a whole god damned celebration.
They’ll decorate with ribbons and toast many toasts.
They’ll shed tears of joy when I go up,
But in the end, I will still be gone, and
Soon, Oh so soon, be forgot.

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  1. HAhaha. The comparison between graduation and death is really whimsical in the beginning and prominent at the end. Its profound. Says a lot about the whole process of living too right? VANITY OF VANITIES!
    I think the tonal to thematic contrast (the former is light ad the latter is ominus) could be brought out more by actually fitting it to a formal Marcellino rhyme and meter.

  2. 1st stanza - excellent, esp. the opening line.

    2nd stanza - excellent.

    3rd stanza - good, esp. the last 2 lines.

    4th stanza - needs work. Too much raw emotion comes ripping through in too short a period of time.

    But I friggin' love the tone of the poem and am wondering how I didn't see this until now!