Upon Visiting Villa D'Este

9:47 AM Marcellino DAmbrosio 0 Comments

Ancient pines stretch here through alabaster sky
Joyful fountains gurgle up though age and time
In this garden, dead gods still lie,
Emblazoned in memory by their stone etched features.
They stand among these, their flowery graves.
Many new deities come here, to this burial place,
And trod perfectly lined paths,
Only looking, never feeling its peace.
Oh ancient gods! Thy beauty hast been perfected by age.
Oh Garden! Wouldst that though had not
Been trimmed or cut back and allowed to age even further.

I long to climb thy limbs,
Bathe in thy long forgotten pools,
And drink from thine ever spring fed fountains.
But for now I must be content
To simply write unto thee a tribute,
A trespasser upon thy grass.

Burst forth garden!
Conquer this voyeur people!
Wrap thine wild leaves about these
New gods of frantic movement,
And make them, as you did the old,

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