12:28 PM Marcellino DAmbrosio 0 Comments

We are born with our own faces
Crying into the world
Love ME
Hugging the breasts that give us
Our own milk that's only for us

Only to learn that the sucking costs something
And we will pay for it
In smiles, in giggles, and if not, 
In screams and kicking feet.
We put on the face of our want. 
Love me, feed me.

When we sprout legs 
And our mission becomes
Discovering the Universe in the back yard
We bring back our treasure to her
With new questions, 
New and ever important,
The whole of life held in the balance 
As we hand her our greatest gift.
White petals balled in tiny vice
Folded in on itself from the ungentle journey

This is a new face, but the same cry
We've always had
Are you proud of me?
Will you give me your milk?

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